Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. This pic was made for Tendy and her love of tentacle-rape-hentai.

2. I’m gassy.

3. I like food.

4. I like cooking/baking.

5. My life isn’t very interesting.

6. I’m of yellow descent.

7. My husband beats and yells at me in his sleep.

8. He owns more pairs of shoes than I do.

9. I like making weird noises when I’m alone or with my friends. piupiupiupuipuiupiupuiu.

10. I like creeper masks.

11. I lub horror movies even though most of them are shit now.

12. I wish I had a vespa.

13. I went through many phases during HS.

14. I dyed my hair almost every color of the rainbow .

15. Had and eyebrow piercing that fell out, a nose ring that got washed away into the ocean , a tongue ring that I just got tired of, and a lip ring LOOL. Yah. Fuq. I can’t really think of any facts about me.

  1. couldvebeenking said: ew
  2. anjelaac said: i did a facepalm and laughed when i saw your photo lolol niggs
  3. ismelltoes said: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL HATE YOU.
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